Thursday 1 November 2012

San Cisco - Beach

Single review by KevW

From Tennis to Best Coast to The Drums, the indie hoards have become a bit obsessed with sun, sea and surf, whether it's been the lo-fi jangle of these guys or the hazy summery sounds of chillwave, there's been some attraction to the escapism offered by the seaside. If you prefer your music just that bit higher definition than the DIY sounding efforts of the aforementioned, then you should check out the forthcoming 'Beach' EP from Australians San Cisco. OK so that's an overload of sunshine references right there; beach, Australia, San Francisco. Seems odd they've chosen a somewhat unseasonal release date for it though.

But maybe not that odd when you see the video for lead-track 'Beach' which sees the quartet larking about on a grey and blustery day on Brighton Beach. It's umbrellas for those on shore and wetsuits for the brave surfers. The song is pure warmth and beauty though, taking a sweet melody and throwing a bag of glitter over the top. It's devoid of the fuzz and rough edges that have categorised recent scenes, but this track is lush and really quite beautiful, containing added soul in the lead vocals and indiepop stylings that are allowed to shine. Perhaps that release date is perfect after all, San Cisco sound like a great winter warmer.

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