Monday, 5 August 2013

Franskild - Eden

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Just as '90s house music often included prominent piano lines, so too does 'Eden', the new single from Swedish duo Franskild. The beats too are very reminiscent of that era, but the overall sound of the song is far more current. The eerie artwork shows a strange twilight zone, and much like that image, this music inhabits a similarly transitional space. With house beats that have the dust of garage sprinkled over them, 'Eden' is a song that suits the dance floor but also could have been made as prime chillout music. Unlike the whole chillwave scene, this is, once again, closer to traditional music of this genre, but always with a modern feel.

There's no doubting that an element of fantasy creeps into the track, and this is definitely helped by the soft female vocal. B-side 'Shards' also contains a dreamlike element but fuses it with more garage-based stylings and a more powerful vocal. It's the lesser of the two songs here, but still worth a few moments of your listening time, as Franskild seem to be intent on plucking their favourite sections from the various factions of electro-pop and creating something of their own from them, so this soulful number is a worthy inclusion to a very good release.

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