Friday 23 August 2013

Golden Suits - Swimming In '99

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I'm starting to wish I'd gone to art school or drama school or wherever it is that the people who are currently making music videos went. It must be like one great big long acid trip. Having absolutely no relation to the music it's been made to accompany, the video for 'Swimming In '99' by Golden Suits follows a man as he sets of in the morning carrying a sack and going into every book store in a city buying up every copy of a certain book. The same book every time. It gets heavy after a while, but as night falls he reaches home, so you brace yourself for the unveiling of what on Earth the story is about. The man then empties all the books onto the floor in his house and... that's it. It just ends.

Aside from a totally WTF promo, Golden Suits music here is relatively normal in style. The project of Brooklyn's Fred Nicolaus of the band Department Of Eagles, the mid-paced and well-written alt-rock of 'Swimming In '99' exudes a nice baroque feel at some points and is generally a very good (if not exactly overwhelming) song. It's taken from his self-titled debut album which will be with us next week and features contributions from members of Grizzly Bear, Ava Luna, and Mason Jar Music, so it should be one to watch out for. But the obsession with that particular author (his name is John Cheever if that helps explain anything to anyone) is a curious mystery.

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Aug 28 The Slaughtered Lamb, London, United Kingdom
Sep 24 Middle East, Cambridge, MA
Sep 25 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY
Sep 27 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 04 Sail Inn, Tempe, AZ
Oct 06 Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA

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