Thursday 29 August 2013

Al Lover - Vodun Moon

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Knowing the amazing memory power of our extremely intelligent readership, you'll all remember that we previewed the first half of this double A-side single back in July. 'Snake Hands' was a very fine track that was a collaboration between Al Lover and White Fence. Should you have happened to be the victim of a power cut that day and your frantic efforts to reach our site failed, we suggest you skip back and check it out. The single gets its release on August 31st and now that the time is approaching, Al Lover have posted the video to the single's other track online.

We mention music being innovative and experimental quite a lot; these are the sounds we like to cover, but we haven't heard anything quite live 'Vodun Moon' before, although you could pick out traces of many psychedelia and world music bands if dissection is your thing. Really this is their own form of exotic psych and it's a potent and heady soup of different noises that come together to form a unique listening experience. Besides a few samples of speech, this song is an instrumental but it's designed for moving too. You can't call it dance music as such, but stick it on at a party when everyone's head is in just the right place and things will go wild.

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