Saturday 24 August 2013

Five For Free #210

Motive - Burn Down Brooklyn

If we were to take Motive's advice and 'Burn Down Brooklyn' then we'd lose an awful lot of bands we like, including this lot. So the site would consist of musicians from Portland, Melbourne and Brighton mainly. Let's hope they don't mean it though, and take this for what it is, a storming alt-rock track that, if turned up loud enough, would probably make the buildings of Brooklyn quake a bit anyway.

Motive's website

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Catch them live:

SUN 25 AUG The Garage, London, UK
SAT 28 SEP The Smiling Moose Upstairs, Pittsburgh, PA, US
SUN 29 SEP Ortlieb's Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, US
FRI 04 OCT Music In The Middle 2013, Woodbury, TN, US

Amber - Little Ghost

Back in July we reviewed Amber's 'Noah' EP and found it to be rather good. This weekend the young band who met at Nottingham Uni are taking to the stages of Reading and Leeds festivals for what will be their biggest gigs so far. It should be a great experience for them, and to celebrate they're giving away EP track 'Little Ghost' as a free download.

Amber's website

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Catch them live:

Leeds Festival on Saturday 24th August (5.20pm)

Banana Beach - Pelican Bay

As we said last time we featured Banana Beach, one day, bands will tire of including seaside references in their songs and band names, but it's showing no sign of stopping yet. This Swedish lot are giving as another free sample of their 'Window Licking' EP, and 'Pelican Bay' is a top indie/pop/electro track that fits in perfectly with the current alternative music scene.

Banana Beach's website

Stream or buy the EP

White Cliff - Don't Go

Such is our professionalism and exemplary filing system, we have no idea how we came to be in possession of this song. But having done a search it's a free download from SoundCloud, so thanks to whoever sent it in. White Cliff it seems, are a new band from Liverpool, and in 'Don't Go' they have a speaker-busting piece of alt-rock that shows they have big plans.

White Cliff's website

Catch them live:

Support for Deaf Club Ep Launch, Thurs, Sept 26, Korova Club

Poor Remy - Wrecking Ball

US trio Poor Remy have made their single 'Wrecking Ball' available as a free download to coincide with a summer tour of the American east coast. The song is a neat mixture of indie-folk and pop that takes in plenty of harmonies and dances along nicely at a mid-pace, making it perfect for chilling out to and also a great one for entertaining crowds at gigs this time of year.

Poor Remy's website

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