Thursday 22 August 2013

ORCHESTRAS - We're So Scared

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We love a bit of honesty here at The Sound Of Confusion, especially with so many press releases making the enclosed music sound as though it's going to melt your ears with its sense of overwhelming greatness and set you on the path to eternal life or whatever. "I like to consider it Passion Pit meets slow Vampire Weekend or Washed Out or something, but probably not as good as any of them." So says Zach from New York band ORCHESTRAS, who also says "I know the all caps thing is getting to be a little much these days, so bear with me". With this honesty they're instantly more likable.

What about the tune then? Well, we'll struggle to match his description to be honest, and the bands he's picked for comparison are quite revered. So this isn't quite at the level of those bands, correct. But it's not half bad either. You will have guessed that this is a little experimenting with the genres of indie, electro and pop and it mixes these together well, containing plenty of attention to detail and generally be quite an interesting song. Take the self-depreciation aside and you'll find a very promising band in ORCHESTRAS. So forget the references and get your ears around this. It's pretty good.

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