Friday 30 August 2013

Grass House - I Was A Streetlight

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Grass House's career has been a bit like a big cat on the prowl in the Serengeti. They let their presence be known a couple of years back in phenomenal style, and since then they've been in the background, just waiting to pounce. They've teased us by dropping the odd single like 'And Now For The Wild' earlier this summer, and then they disappeared, camouflaged into the musical background, stealthily plotting their next move. That next move is 'I Was A Streetlight', another superb single that cements their status as a band of the highest order.

There's an ever present darkness to their music, but the way it's performed really brings this supposed bleak outlook to life. This is alt-rock that's both unique and impressive. Their plan is serving them well, as on September 5th they'll play at The Lexington with support from Dark Bells and Climbing Boys, as well as DJ sets from Echo Lake, Die Mason Die, RIP Records and Bella Union. In short, they're impressing others in the business, and so they should. Grass House are readying themselves, poised, waiting for the right time to go in for the kill and throw their album out there. We're thinking it could be pretty savage.

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