Wednesday 21 August 2013

Five For Free #209

Fanfarlo - Myth of Myself (A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses)

Anglo-Swedish baroque-indie experimentalists Fanfarlo will be back with their third album soon (no confirmed date that we know of) and they're giving us a reminder of just what they can do by offering the album's first single, 'Myth Of Myself (A Ruse To Exploit Our Weaknesses)' as a free download. It sounds both familiar and new at the same time and shows they haven't lost their touch.

Fanfarlo's website

No Monster Club - La La Land

Some bands want to make great music, some just want to have fun. Dublin's No Monster Club want to do both. So in free single 'La La Land' we're given a riotous, punky, indie tune that sounds like a product of the US underground and is both hugely enjoyable to listen to and doesn't take itself too seriously either. This is what DIY indie/pop should be about.

No Monster Club's website

The Chrysler - All Guns Blazing

Swedish band The Chrysler began as a duo back in 2001. Fast-forward over a decade and the six-strong collective is about to release it's fourth full-length, 'Hands Across The Sea', on October 10th. Prior to its release the band are offering 'All Guns Blazing' as a free download, and it's a song that sounds like many of the top Americana bands of recent years.

The Chrysler's website

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Moccasins - Bambino

Folkeston four-piece Moccasins don't hold back. Their rehearsals can probably be heard on the other side of the channel. New freebie 'Bambino' smacks you in the face by heading straight for the jugular with its intro, and although the force ebbs and flows, it's always pushed through with determination and what seems like a justified sense of confidence.

Moccasins' website

Yassou Benedict - Last Cicada

From upstate New York, Yassou Benedict are a collective that seem to experiment at will, somewhat casually labelling themselves as dreampop when really they cover multiple genres on 'Last Cicada' alone, and this is just one of the musical adventures from their recent EP 'In Fits In Dreams'. They sound like the type of band who could veer off in any direction that wanted.

Download 'Last Cicada' for free by heading here

Yassou Benedict's website

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