Sunday 25 August 2013

Hey Geronimo - Lazer Gun Show

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Having not had the honour of spending every weekend of the summer standing in a field pretending to enjoy myself whist watching bands in the distance and sipping warm beer, I've missed out on hearing Hey Geronimo's festival anthem 'Lazer Gun Show'. By the way, this refers to the fact that it's apparently been going down a storm in their live sets rather than it was written about festivals, and also I'm assuming that many of their appearances would have been in their homeland, Australia, so it would be a costly trip to test out this claim.

Taking this song out of any context aside from actually listening to it at home, it must be said that you can believe this becoming something of an anthem. It's a great big indie-pop tune with some shout-along "Hey! Ho!" bits and is generally upbeat and loads of fun. If fact it makes that warm beer seem strangely appetising after all, and I don't even drink. Say what you want about Hey Geronimo, but they can't half write a great melody and they do sound like they'd have no trouble winning over audiences. If you caught them, you probably had a great time.

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