Thursday 22 August 2013

Winkie - My Eyes Are Closed When The Sun Comes Up

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Unless you've been buried under a rock for the past few years (and I can't say I blame you) then you'll be aware that forming a band in the New York area comes with the prerequisite that you must manufacture a sound that can't be pinpointed to a single genre. Unsurprising, this is what Winkie (*snigger*) have done here. The duo are planning an album for potential release later in the year, but they currently have single 'My Eyes Are Closed When The Sun Comes Up' out as a single. Mixing up the styles? Naturally. You can detect post-punk, electro-pop, goth, darkwave, synth experimentalism as well as indie-rock.

The A-side starts fairly minimally, and also very bleakly. A strange gloomy fog then descends on the song, making it seem like the soundtrack to a nightmare. Yet the vocals are soft and delicate, cutting through this shadowy sound like beams of light through the mist. It's a very industrial, almost robotic sound, and this again is contrasted by those vocals which bring a warming human touch. B-side 'Always To Be Around' is more upbeat and lightens the load by, ooh, a couple of grams at least. Yeah these guys like their bleak music, and we like their bleak music, so it's a win-win situation really. Bring on the album.

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