Thursday 29 August 2013

Southern - World Don't Shine

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Given the style of music we hear on 'World Don't Shine', Southern seems like the perfect name for this group. This is alt-country-influenced, southern-fried indie-rock. From Liverpool. Sounds can be deceiving. The reason why this lot are called Southern isn't due to any wannabe US fantasies, it's the surname of the brother and sister who formed the group in Belfast before they moved across the Irish sea. With a drummer added to pad them out to a trio, they've thrown themselves straight into writing songs that are undeniably great. They do have an American sound, but maybe that's filtered down through their influences.

Where the song is from doesn't matter, what it sounds like does. It's even more impressive knowing that Southern produced this track as well, as it's immaculately done, avoiding the pitfalls of over-production or forcing a sound. 'World Don't Shine' sounds perfectly natural. It sounds like it was the music they were always meant to make. Any time now the band are heading into the studio to begin work on their debut album which, if all goes well, will be with us in the first half of next year. Southern are a name worth making a note of.

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