Friday 30 August 2013

Kasket - Warm Regards

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It's very fitting that this new single from Kasket is being released on a label called Apollo, as it sounds cosmic, like a slow journey through space, watching the stars float past the windows of your ship. It's pure and relaxed and comes with a suitably mesmerising video. Kasket incidentally, may sound like a band name, but it's the alias of UK producer Charlie Baldwin. A man who states quite clearly that he doesn't fall into the category of producers associated with many UK scenes. He doesn't make dubstep, he doesn't make drum and bass; he makes what he wants.

Devoid of having to follow a set of rules means that he's free to produce ambient gems like this, and if you're liking that ambient is simply a byword for boring then you should be proven wrong here. This dreamy number begins with guitar and retro sounding synths; it could be from the '70s, but Kasket shows diversity here too. Pretty soon into our voyage some interesting beats are introduced. They too don't fit a genre, but are probably more jazz than anything if we were pushed to come up with a name. The piano here adds to the diversity. It's a wonderful voyage, and we hope he takes us on many more.

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