Wednesday 21 August 2013

Thomas McConnell - John

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When someone introduces themselves a singer-songwriter I generally tend to cringe without hearing a note. The reason being that it's usually some kid who's learnt a couple of chords and thinks he's the next Bob Dylan, when in reality the banality of what I'm about to hear will be so overwhelming that my entire brain stops functioning for the duration of the song. It shuts down into a protective mode to prevent exposure. Thomas McConnel is a 20 year-old singer-songwriter from Liverpool and next week he releases his new EP 'Worried About Thomas McConnell'.

The EP's first single is 'John', and praise the lord! It's not dull acoustic rubbish! 'John' is a very good song indeed. It uses what sounds like organ of some kind in place of guitars and the only other addition of note is the overdubbed vocals which are excellent. We never quite find out where John is or why he's so important, but that doesn't really matter, because in Thomas McConnell we have an up and coming singer-songwriter with a unique style and unique ideas. A wonderfully dreamy and lovable tune.

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