Saturday 31 August 2013

Oliver Wilde - Pinch

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OK, we'll bite our tongue and hold fire on attacking the fact that everyone, especially if their music in any way could be described as acoustic or folk, is releasing animated videos at the moment, because this one doesn't involve a small cute character getting lost and frightened in a big city or whatever. But the question remains, when will people stop making these bloody things? The video for 'Pinch' is made in much the same way, but the storyline is different, so we'll let him off. Oliver Wilde, as you may know, is from Bristol and describes his music as "lo-fi dad-rock". And that we do like.

Earlier this year he released the album 'A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears', and we covered the single 'Perrett's Brook'. 'Pinch' is from the same album and is about as tender and subtle as acoustic music can be without turning to mush. But mush this is not, it's a fantastical, dreamy and tender song that forces you to listen, simply by being so unassuming and quiet. I guess this creates some form of intrigue. It's a fine song however it works, and if you're a fan then you'll be pleased to know that this new video arrives to coincide with the announcement of several live dates, so you can go and see the man for yourself.

Oliver Wilde's website

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Catch him live:

August 31st - Arctangent
September 15th - Southsea Fest
September 28th -  Figure 8
October 12th - Simple Things
October 19th - SWN fest
October 27th - St Pancras Old Church, London

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