Monday 26 August 2013

National Pastime - Don't Let It Get Away EP

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Exeter C86 revivalists continue their quest to bring us the best in DIY indie sounds with new EP 'Don't Let It Get Away', a collection of songs as timeless as the raw strum of a guitar. It's been over two years since National Pastime last released anything, and naturally their sound remains (as it likely always will) pretty much the same. With bands of this ilk it's about the quality of the songs. We know the style, and most guitar-pop lovers will embrace it fully. Title-track 'Don't Let It Get away brushes aside the production desk in favour of recording the song as if it was being performed in the room with you. Of course this approach works, it's tried and tested.

Unusually for lead-songs, it's not the best of the four on offer. The jangly 'Like A Boxer' pitches itself somewhere between The Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel and your favourite Sarah records band. It's another one that doesn't have a sell by date. Curiously, 'Run With Me Now' is included here twice, as 'Remix 1' and Remix 2'. Remixed by who isn't exactly clear, but they've done a great job. The second is a pensive, dreampop-like number that does add something extra, something that you'd expect from a remix (possibly just some production!) and it's quite beautiful. It's 'Remix 1' that's where we find the gold. The song is one of the best they've written and unless it had that "R" word following its name you wouldn't realise this wasn't its original incarnation. It's a lovable piece of indiepop from a lovable band.

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  1. The 2 Remix's were done by Matthew North of 'Secrets For September'

  2. Hi there, Glad you liked the remix, I made a blog about it here