Saturday 24 August 2013


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Last time we heard from INTRVALS they were called Intervals and had just premiered their first song since their rebirth (they were originally an Oxford band called The Black Sand). Now in London, they've made another change, altering their name to avoid confusion with a Canadian metal band. Mind you, there's little chance of the music getting mixed up. They have three recently unveiled new tunes which have been put into a playlist (along with previous track 'Water'), so we're calling this an EP, although it's really just an online set to listen to, so probably best to look at in such a way.

'Water' we know about, so what about the rest? They've done a good job of things, we can't argue that. 'Field Lines' is soft and chilled indie/dance (call it chillwave if you must, but it's better produced) and is a fine pop song with great production that really brings it to life. There's an otherworldly sense to most of their music really. 'ARPS' has a rockier sound, but still contains those haunting vocals and glistening synths. Again it's very well produced, so they've got that aspect firmly nailed, and the songs to match. Finally we get to 'Eleven Hours' which chills things even more, with a bigger beat but a slower one, and the song touches on synth-pop a bit more despite having guitars sharing the limelight. INTRVALS are coming along very nicely.

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