Saturday 24 August 2013

Crystal Soda Cream - Escape From Vienna

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Hot on the heels of their single 'DIWHY', Austrian band Crystal Soda Cream bring us the title-track from their album 'Escape From Vienna'. Once more their sound owes a debt to the British new-wave and post-punk scenes, but they owed a debt to innovators on the continent, so I suppose it's all swings and roundabouts really. Plus we stick to our philosophy that the most important factor is what the music sounds like, not how, why or where it was made.

This is a very good darkwave tune with icy synths piercing through the crisp guitar strums and the solid rhythm section which does nothing more than it needs to do. You don't show off with music like this. It stands on its own two feet. The vocals have that coldness to them as well. They're not in monotone, but they too avoid going over the top, preferring to do what's needed and nothing more. So really Crystal soda Cream have taken the principles that were laid down years ago and adhered to them brilliantly.

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