Wednesday 28 August 2013

Scotti Brains - Keep Your Eyes Open Boy

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Included in their ranks is acclaimed music producer Dan Carey, whose credits include everyone from M.I.A to Franz Ferdinand to Lily Allen to The Kills, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. So we can reasonably expect Scotti Brains' new single 'Keep Your Eyes Open Boy' to sound good. As a band, Scotti Brains may be a one-off project, we're not really sure as they keep the info quite scarce. But apparently the collaboration grew out of some early morning jamming sessions between the trio which were really quite noisy.

It just so happened that they had a full day to record the song, so the finished article is a little kinder on your eardrums. It's essentially an instrumental track that has hints of krautrock, indie and various crossover genres that result in something that's got a little Stereolab to it. Now that's never a bad thing of course, and because of the repetition used here, the track actually seems to get better as it goes on despite changing little. The drums get a bit sharper and a few more effects are added, but really this is just the hypnotic nature of this variety of music at play, and it's all good.

'Keep Your Eyes Open Boy' is out on September 2nd through Speedy Wunderground

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