Friday 23 August 2013

The Deer Tracks - Red Eyed Zebra

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'Red Eyed Zebra' will be the third track we've featured from Swedish band The Deer Tracks' 'The Archer Trilogy Pt.3', and it may be the best so far. Following on from last month's free download 'W', this is a track that shows the band in their full experimental glory. With a band name such as theirs, you may be inclined to think of pastoral Americana or alt-country, well, you'll have to think again. The Deer Tracks don't have a set sound, they play about, experiment and make alt-pop tunes that are fun and fascinating.

Here we get all kinds of synths that crunch, twinkle and buzz, all while a soft melody hides in the background. The vocals are similarly soft and contrast the sometimes abrasive and experimental beats. As the tune progresses we enter fantasy land, where a plethora of sounds make up a unique whole that sounds quite unlike your regular pop innovators. It's perhaps this air of mystery that makes The Deer Tracks, and this song in particular, such a compelling and exciting band.

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