Monday 19 August 2013

Porches - Franklin The Flirt

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Repetitiveness can work in songs, particularly various forms of dance music, drone-rock, shoegaze and so on, but just as interesting are those songs that take you on a varied and changing journey. This single is the first to be taken from the debut full-length by Porches which is due out next week, and while you can't judge an entire album by one song, we're willing to bet that 'Slow Dance In The Cosmos' will have plenty of variety and little hidden musical nooks and crannies to be found, as even on this solitary track they show more than just a simple idea.

To talk you through it, 'Franklin The Flirt' begins in an incredibly lo-fi way with a cheap sounding keyboard and basic beat, topped off with some lazy sounding vocals. This changes with the introduction of the bass which immediately gives more life to the song. Then comes a quite splendid chorus that's high on melody and also piles all the instruments together. From here this is a chilled indie/alt-rock song that's way better than those opening bars promised it would be. We hope this isn't just a one off, because in it's own way it's really quite lovely.

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