Thursday 29 August 2013

Cull - Canker/If It Works

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Aw. One of the tags on Cull's SoundCloud page is "friendrock", the big soppy bunch. Well it's certainly not the kind of music designed to make enemies, but then it's not commercial by any means. So if you're expecting something radio friendly or something you can put on at a family get together then think again. This is cutting, shoegaze-influenced noise-rock. It's not extreme or uncomfortable, but you're mum might think it's a bit of a racket. Especially 'Canker', which may start in a psych/dreampop way, but soon introduces sharp beats and shards of razor-like guitar.

It's a good tune, but it won't be for everyone. I think you'll probably have guessed from that short description whether or not it's for you. 'If It Works' might go down a little better at weddings,but only by the point that most people have gone home, just leaving the drunk uncles to make fools of themselves. This is more like a traditional "tune", although they don't let us off quite that lightly. This too has an abrasive side and it actually feels like you're listening to it through whatever the ear equivalent of beer goggles is. Two very good, but deliberately awkward (in a good way) tracks.

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