Friday 30 August 2013

Battle Lines - Colonies

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It's that classic part of the excitement of music again. Hearing a band develop from very early stages to an outfit ready to take on the world. As we mentioned when we covered 'Huh Her' earlier this year, we were lucky enough to discover Battle Lines in their original incarnation and with a different band name. Time has passed, the name Battle Lines has stuck, and the music they're making sounds like it could be sticking around a bit too. New single 'Colonies' is a big tune. Not in a bombastic, stadium-rock way, in an excellently written and perfectly produced way.

This is pop music in wolves clothing. The electro/alt-pop is the basis for the song, but it sounds like someone has taken a foot pump and blown this thing up to totally different proportions. This is perhaps, and ironically, too big, bold and edgy to be accepted by the pop world, but it should find favour with the more discernible modern music fan. This pop tune becomes engulfed in blazing guitars and a beat that almost sounds threatening. It's a pretty awesome construction, and you can't deny that if you blasted this out at full pelt it would knock your socks off.

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Catch them live:

16/09/13 - The Basement, York (w/JAWS)
19/09/13 - Holy Trinity, Leeds
23/09/13 - The Library, Leeds
04/10/13 - Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
05/10/13 - The Hop, Wakefield
20/11/13 - Liquid Room, Edinburgh (w/COHEED AND CAMBRIA)
21/11/13 - Solus, Cardiff (w/COHEED AND CAMBRIA)

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