Wednesday 28 August 2013

Five For Free #211

The Base - Balance

More great sounds from Italy, if we were a big company we'd have someone stationed there to travel around seeking out new talent. The Base only formed this year, but as they've all had experience in previous bands it was fairly easy for them to gel and get some great music started, like single 'Balance' for example, which is a storming piece of indie rock.

Download 'Basement' for free by heading here

The Base's website

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Seaweed Meadows - Andra LĂ„nggatan

Although we have no writers in Sweden, we are, as I'm sure you're aware, well up to speed with that country's alternative music scene. One of the newest additions have been Seaweed Meadows who released debut single 'Ruins' earlier this summer, and follow it up with the wonderfully pensive alt-rock of 'Andra LĂ„nggatan', another peach of a song.

Seaweed Meadows' website

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La Mer - Red Balloon

Californian artist La Mer was always surrounded by music and it's been an integral part of her life since a very young age as she grew up in a theatre. She's also well-travelled and has a lot of experiences to convert into songs. The lovely, dreamy alt-pop of 'Balloons' belongs in that strange twilight zone between sleep and being awake. It shows both her skill as a songwriter and a wonderful voice.

La Mer's website

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Feral Conservatives - Friends Bail Always

Virginian duo Feral Conservatives are both multi-instrumentalists, and you're more than likely to detect a little mandolin incorporated into their indie-rock sound. It gives them an interesting edge at least, but they have good songs and that's far more important. They're currently offering an EP of assorted tracks for free download, and taken from it is 'Friends Bail Always'.

Feral Conservatives' website

Stream or download the EP

Catch them live:

SAT 28 SEP The Belmont House of Smoke, Norfolk, VA, US
FRI 11 OCT Crozet Mudhouse, Charlottesville, VA, US
THU 17 OCT Electric Maid, Washington, DC, US
FRI 18 OCT Connie's Ric Rac, Philadelphia, PA, US
SAT 19 OCT Castaways Tavern, Hopatcong, NJ, US
SUN 20 OCT The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY, US

Rounak Maiti (Mighty) - I Could Be The Only One

Born and raised in Mumbai but now living in Los Angeles, Rounik Maiti has been making demo recordings in his bedroom for a couple of years, and has now decided to share them with the wider world. You'll find many free tunes (including some covers) on his SoundCloud page, but we quite like this delicate original composition called 'I Could Be The Only One'.

Rounak Maiti (Mighty)'s website

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  1. Excellent choice and great free download. Thanks very much. You're right about Italy Kev, that's exactly where I'd be too. Some great music emerging from there!