Sunday 25 August 2013

Band To Check Out: Slow Riot

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Only recently formed, Limerick trio Slow Riot are the first to admit they're not the finished article yet, and to claim otherwise would be possibly delusional. Were The Beatles the finished article after their initial demo recordings? Were The Stone Roses? Was anyone? The answer is almost without failure a definite no. Currently the band have posted one solitary song online in order to make people aware of their presence, to get the name out there. Also, this won't be the first time we've mentioned that finding a band at such an embryonic stage and watching them develop can be incredibly exciting.

If we thought Slow Riot would amount to nothing then we'd avoid mentioning them at all. The style of music they make means that Katy Perry levels of success are unlikely, but they could still make some great music; the ingredients are here. With a post-punk influence in their sound and also a little individuality that comes from their own style (the part we're hoping will develop the most) they could be, in a few months time, more confident, more fluid and working better together to write even better songs. A quick read of their influences shows they have a decent record collection. Now they just need to turn this seed into a flower.

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