Tuesday 27 August 2013

TV Ghost - Elevator

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We've heard a handful of tunes from the new record by TV Ghost now and it's starting to sound like the Indiana quintet have nailed it with new album 'Disconnect' which they release next week. Over half a decade into their career, the band seem totally at ease with their sound and have their minds in sync so that the music flows pretty freely. At least that's the impression we get. We'll come to other tracks next week when the album arrives, but for those of you who aren't already fans and haven't been following the build-up to the new record, let's start with its first single.

Put online in mid-July, 'Elevator' is a heavily shoegaze-influenced alt-rock tune, but the construction of the song doesn't stop there. This is essentially wall-to-wall guitar which naturally gives that effect, but check the beat, listen to the ending, you'll probably find traces of krautrock added into the mix. Listen closer and you'll hear post-punk and goth. TV Ghost have taken their favourite bands and borrowed just a slice of sound from each of them to put together this tune. If it's the first you've heard off the new album, then trust us. As good as it is, there are better to follow.

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