Wednesday 21 August 2013

Top Less - Danger Love

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Top Less (sometimes referred to as Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party which will be the name of their debut album) are based in Canada but originally formed when they were living in Scotland. They don't specify which, if either, of those nationalities they are, but what they do tell us is that September 2nd will see the arrival of their first full-length. Prior to that they're releasing this single, 'Danger Love', a toned-down yet surprisingly powerful song. It's the combination of writing and arranging that leads to this curious feel.

For the most part, 'Danger Love' is very minimalist, consisting of female vocals and minimal backing. However, included in this minimal backing are spacious but powerful chords and equally sparingly used booming drums. So with little more than a wispy vocal melody carrying the song, this approach to arranging seems all the more powerful as it's not in competition with anything else. The song grows as it nears the end and the orchestration becomes a little grander, incorporating strings before going the whole way with a fuller band finale. Excellently made.

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Catch them live:

Wed, Sept 4, Lucky Bar, Victoria, British Columbia
Thurs, Sept 5, VENUE, Vancouver, British Columbia

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