Monday 26 August 2013

Artist To Check Out: Nappo

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Joseph Nappo might just have himself a bit of a problem. Now this isn't a problem involving his music being substandard, this is a problem of location. Nappo is Australian and he lives in Melbourne. Now, if you're a regular reader of our virtual pages then you'll know that few cities get mentioned as much as that one; Melbourne has one of the biggest and best new music scenes in the world right now, so the problem for Nappo is how to get noticed when everyone else on your street is probably also in a band or making music in some form or other?

What Nappo has on his side is style. We hear much psych, garage and synth-pop mixed with indie sounds emanating from that part of the world, but Nappo doesn't really fit any of those scenes. So this gives him some elbow room. An electronic producer, his tracks range from chilled and ambient pieces to more heavy duty trace and techno, so he's covering a lot of bases, but he's covering them well. There are loads of different examples to check out on his SoundCloud page (link below), so dig in and you'll likely find something to suit your taste (unless you're restricted to guitars only). Us? We're liking the more chilled tunes. So stick on 'Violette' and 'Fall Out', and then kick back and enjoy.

Nappo's website

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