Friday 23 August 2013

Porches - Headspinning

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Only on Monday did we feature 'Franklin The Flirt' from Porches' upcoming album 'Slow Dance In The Cosmos', but as it's jut days away from release they're naturally keen to get the word out, and as we're fans, we're naturally happy to help them do so. 'Headspinning' is another track from the album and doesn't deviate much from the sound of 'Franklin...'. These guys clearly like their music a little DIY sounding, and with lazy summer days happening at the moment they've picked the perfect time for it.

This is another laid-back treat, although it starts in a more immediate way than the ultra-minimal 'Franklin...', with a bigger beat jumping in almost instantly. The vocals are sung in that same can't-really-be-bothered way which works so well, and the song feels like a band casually running through one of their tunes at rehearsal rather than a polished album track, but that's exactly what the appeal is, This is how Porches want to sound and they carry it off brilliantly. Let's hope the sun sticks around for a while longer so we can laze around with them.

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