Sunday 25 August 2013

Breedlings - Push/Lungs/Velodrome

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We won't go too far into the classification of singles, EPs, mini-albums and albums. As far as I'm concerned an EP is four or five tracks, six to eight a mini-album and anything more an album. Anyway, Breedlings have put three tracks on this single (perfectly acceptable in the rules, a single being one to three tracks), and usually you'd have an A-side or double A-side, generally with a B-side. So are we all clear on the rules? Well, what we have here is a legitimate triple A-side single, and it's the only one I can think of off the top of my head. But why not give the songs equal billing if you consider them equal in quality?

Breedlings are a new band from the Cambridge area, a trio who consider themselves to be post-punk. That's a pretty accurate description, although plain old punk would do the job too. This is raw and visceral; it's the sound of passion and determination, the sound of three musicians putting everything they have into these songs until their fingers are ripped to shreds and their eardrums reduced to dust. Splitting the songs is a little futile, as they're all close cousins to each other. This is 100 mph, uncompromising, crash, bang, wallop fizzing electrical energy and can probably damage the foundations of your house if you turn it up too loud.

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