Monday 26 August 2013

Claire - Games/Pioneers

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German group Claire began in Munich when three producers/musicians (none of whom are called Claire) decided to put their collective brains to use and began working on material together. The catalyst was to create a track for a film that a friend was making, so they teamed up with vocalist Josie-Claire B├╝rkle (which we must assume is where the band name comes from) and so the project was born. This summer they released the 'Games' EP, which was the song you can check out below, along with some stellar remixes. It's a perfect way to showcase the combination of pop music and electronic music that the group have been working on. The song has "hit" written all over it, and it duly clocked up hundreds of thousands of plays on social media. Listen to it, you'll see why.

Also included here is a glimpse of the band in a more embryonic form, not that you'd particularly notice. From what info we can gather, 'Pioneers' is the song that kick-started the project. It's a year old and was made for a film, that much we know, and we assume that part of that film is incorproated into the track's video. It's also a collaboration with Wildeyes, but the video for the song has only been uploaded this summer, hence its inclusion here. You wouldn't think that this was the first outing for a band, as it's fully-formed electro-pop and maybe even a better song than 'Games'. It's more hypnotic and slightly less poppy, and that may be the reason why it appeals to my personal tastes more, but whatever your taste, if electro-pop forms any part of it then you'll see what expertly made compositions these are.

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