Wednesday 28 August 2013

Misty Miller - Taxicab + Q&A

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We've been championing the prodigious talent that is Misty Miller on the site all year. Today she unveils new track 'Taxicab' which you can stream below and is a typically breezy garage-rock thrill with a touch of darkness around the edges, but first we were lucky enough chat to her about her definitely non-debauched lifestyle, her future plans and whether or not any of you fancied producing her new record...

TSOC: Hello Misty! Much has been made about you still being in your teens and being so accomplished already. Has your age helped or hampered your musical career so far?

M: The fact that I started out early was a good thing I guess. Because it meant I got to figure out the kind of musician I wanted to be (and was) in a natural way. I started at 15, and now, after recording an album, touring and generally growing up... i feel it is now that i am really ready. Musically.

TSOC: We read that many of your songs were written aged just 15. Are these the songs that have appeared on your two recent EPs and have they changed much since they were originally written?

M: The songs I wrote at 15 appear on my first album, which I recorded at 15. So in fact, some of them were written around the age of 14. I was writing a lot while recording that album, which have a much bluesier, dark sound that helped the progression from where I was to where I am now, but they are not going to appear on the second album. Generally, the songs you have heard on both EPs have been written in the past 2 years or so.

TSOC: Girlfriend and Next To You have been incredibly consistent records. Do you have plenty more where they came from or is it time to get writing again?

M:  What I like is that both EPs document where I was at that time. And luckily, I'm still in a similar place musically. So I guess there is more where that came from, yeah! There are songs we play live that I can't wait to record and for everyone to hear. I'm looking forward to recording the album and think I'm ready. There are songs that I put up on SoundCloud that are recorded in my bedroom which show a more personal way of recording, but my label usually take em down ha!

TSOC: You're essentially making guitar-based music in a time when indie, garage and so on aren't having the chart success they were a few years ago. Do you hope to change that or would you be happy remaining slightly underground?

M: I have no problem remaining slightly underground as long as I am happy with the record and I get to tour it and live off it. But to be honest, I think the time is coming where this kind of stuff IS going to get the chart success it once did. Bands like The Strypes or Jake Bugg are pulling it off, so i think there's room for a girl to do it as well! People are bored of the same old singer-songwriter girls.

TSOC: What about your long-term goals? Do you plan to still be making music in ten years' time and how successful do you hope to be?

M: I plan to make music all my life, whether its on a label playing big tours or on my own and playing little gigs I can find myself wherever I am. But knowing me, and the hunger I have for it, I hope to be successful enough to live off a killer album or two and be touring the world with it. But I've got to love it. I've got to love the albums I make and enjoy playing them... cause without that, nothing would feel a success to me.

TSOC: For your next record, imagine you could pick any producer or artist in the world to collaborate with. Who would you choose?

M: Ah that's a hard one. I honestly can't think off the top of my head. I'm sure there are some producers out there but I am bad with names! If I could just find a producer NOW, that would be great! Anyone interested? Anyone... ?

TSOC: As you're still a relatively new artist, can you give us one interesting fact about yourself that no-one else (apart from friends and family maybe) knows?

M: Hmm.. I give great needle and ink tattoos.

TSOC: Have you got any debauched rock 'n' roll stories yet? Is it party time after gigs or home to bed? (Pretend your Mum won't be reading this!)

M: My mum will be reading this.

TSOC: Are there other current bands or artists that you'd put in the same bracket as yourself and are there any unknown bands we should be checking out? Can you give us any new band tips?

M: Check out The Fat White Family, they are good friends of mine and their music is seriously worth checking out. The south London music scene is where I got most of my inspiration from. As I stated earlier, I guess The Strypes and Jake Bugg are doing similar things... both playing retrospective, honest music. It's got a kick but feels real... like good ol' rock and roll.

TSOC: Finally, that tricky question: Fantasy festival time. You're headlining and you can pick five bands past or present to be on the bill. Who do you go for?

Iggy Pop and The Stooges
The Velvet Underground (in their prime) 
The Beach Boys
David Bowie 

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Catch her live:

All dates supporting Eels in September:
3 Glasgow, O2 ABC
4 Newcastle, O2 Academy
6 Leicester, O2 Academy
7 London, Shepherd's Bush O2 Academy

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