Thursday 29 August 2013

Au Palais - Blue Lights

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Following up the sterling electro-pop that Au Palais released earlier in the summer wouldn't be an easy task for anyone, but they've done it in some style. The Toronto duo (it's all about the duos of late...) had a real winner in 'Thrones', but perhaps they only do winners. This particular duo happen to be brother and sister, so maybe their brains are on the same wavelength having spent so much of their lives together. Once again they don't put a foot wrong on 'Blue Lights', and once again this isn't as straightforward as plain old electro-pop.

The pair have their own style, one that may have been lumped in with chillwave a year or two back, and one that draws from dreampop too. Strip the electronics away and imagine this played on a piano or guitar and you've have a haunting, gothic-influenced ballad. It's best left how it is of course, and the vocals are alluring and warm, the synths pulse gently and the beat is kept simple and minimal, but not in a harsh or sharp way. 'Blue Lights' is slick but without being overly glossy. It also sparkles with more and more magic as it progresses. These two are definitely on to something.

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