Saturday 24 August 2013

Sun Machine - My Memory Is A Maze

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Here's what we can tell you about Sun Machine: It's a bloke called Tom who's in England. So we'll press ahead with some words about the music this enigmatic chap makes (secretly we hope it's Tom off Myspace, he can't have much to do these days.) There are a handful of songs available for streaming should you wish to investigate further, you'll just need to head for his website at the bottom of the page. There's also the promise of more to come.

'My Memory Is A Maze' comes under the very easy classification of dreamy shoegaze, so you know that, providing the song is good, it's going to get our stamp of approval. And very good it is, so we'll give Sun Machine a thumbs up for this one. Really is usual rules of the genre applied. There's a woozy backing hum that could be guitars or synths or both, there are guitars that are, of course, put through some form of filter to make them a little fuzzier whilst maintaining a little of their chime, and the vocals come swallowed up is the mist of it all. It might be a tried and tested formula, but it's worked.

Sun Machine's website

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