Tuesday 20 August 2013

Caracol - Shiver

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

With neither song title or video being particularly seasonal, it's tempting to say that Montreal artist Caracol should have waited a few months before unleashing this one upon us. But when you've got tunes like this waiting to get out there then why wait? The theme and the video actually feel like a nice buck of the trend at the moment, as any band who have a song that mentions anything to do with sun, sea, beaches and summer is thrusting them upon us in order to try and cash in on our vulnerable human minds.

The album of the same name is out on September 2nd, and if half of it is as good as 'Shiver' then you can sign us up for the fan club. With some sparkly and cosmic "oohs" getting us in the mood, this exceedingly good guitar-pop tune has your attention from the off. The rhythm is incredibly clever. On paper this song doesn't seem much more than mid-paced, yet the way it's been put together makes it seem like a surging wonder of a tune. It a contagious little bugger too. A frost-bitten thumbs up from us.

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Catch her live:

Montréal, Thurs, Aug 22, Theatre Sainte Catherine
European End of Summer tour for Caracol, Sat, Aug 31, Europe
PARIS!!! Tues, Sept 17, LE SENTIER DES HALLES (LSDH), Paris, France

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