Wednesday 21 August 2013

CAPE! - Disappear

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You might remember that at the start of last month we featured a band called Chapter House, and we noted possible confusion lying ahead with people getting them mixed up with shoegaze legends Chapterhouse. Well that problem no longer exists, as Joshua Vincent has changed the name of his musical venture to CAPE!, therefore avoiding such confusion. The other thing that should be noticed is that along with the name change (and we're saying this having only heard two songs, so it's possibly not that reliable) is that the quality of music has gone up a notch.

Yes, as good as 'Getaway' was, it's been bettered here by 'Disappear'. There's no monumental shift in sound or style, it's simply a better song and is better produced. The customary mixture of indie and electro-pop that half the world is creating is what lies at the heart of this song, but layers of vocals hidden in the mix give it more depth and more mystery. Also the use of sampled speech adds a bit more edge to the track. The crowning moment of many great songs is in the chorus, and CAPE! has managed to magic up a pretty decent one here. A successful evolution.

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