Wednesday 28 August 2013

Burning Condors - Polka Dot Girl

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London band Burning Condors are starting to become a bit of a favourite since we first heard their single 'Knockout'/'Riot In The Streets' back in April. It was the rawer second track that caught our attention most on that occasion, the songs switching between blues, garage and more. Recent single 'Love On The Rocks' had a bit of a country thing going on. So they're not restricting themselves stylistically and album 'Round Our Way (out Sept 9th) could be a real mash of different guitar sounds, but this should be nothing to worry about, as the mix seems to work and their punk/garage/indie roots with unite the lot.

Before then we have new single 'Polka Dot Girl'/'Judgement', and both of these songs follow a more modern garage-rock sound. 'Polka Dot Girl' uses classic melodies from the genre but while it looks back at bands gone by, it also has one foot in the present and doesn't sound dated. It's probably the best we've heard from them so far. Mind you, 'Judgement' is not to be sniffed at either. Initially lulling you into thinking it'll be a more cinematic piece, the intro ends and they lay on some rabid guitars and whip out a storming garage-punk tune. Whatever you say about Burning Condors, you can't accuse them of half measures.

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