Saturday 31 August 2013

Josh Schroeder - Monster Of A Golden Heart

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A few years ago, any indie/rock type band who had a singer with strong, Buckley-esque vocals were simply labelled as a second-rate Radiohead and cast aside. It probably ruined a few careers, but others withstood the comparison and went on to great things. I'm sure Muse's accountant couldn't care less about those early comparisons. For an artist or their PR company to actually use Radiohead as a comparison in press materials shows that times have changed, but this new single from Josh Schroeder is described as a "dark love song in the vein of Radiohead".

It's a fair description: the song doesn't sound like Radiohead very much, but it has those same haunting vocals and creates a similar vibe. There's an intensity to this song that comes purely from the voice and the song itself, not from the music. Musically 'Monster Of A Golden Heart' is very minimal, but it doesn't need choirs and orchestras and bells and whistles. The simplicity and the vocals give off their own unique power, and prove once and for all that you can play about in a studio as much as you like, but if the source material is strong enough then you could be wasting your time.

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