Friday 30 August 2013

Little Big League - My Very Own You

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Looking at the (seemingly) American-shot video depicting skaters and general urban life of young adults, you would perhaps expect something a touch more punk or metal than this chiming and melodic tune. Philadelphia group Little Big League got together a couple of years ago and spent 2012 working on the songs that would make up their album 'These Are Good People' which saw the light of day in August. We're told by other reviews that the band are known as a skater/punk type of band. With this fabulous single though, we're just not seeing it. So perhaps the rest of their debut fits the bill better.

Here we're given an opening of pleasantly chiming guitar and a really sweet vocal from singer Michelle, and there's also heaps of melody going on. Stick this out by one of the bigger of the indie/pop bands doing the rounds and people would be championing it. The chorus reaches that bit higher and gets there. It's also telling that I've had this song on repeat for a while now since first hearing it. A quality track that proves that looks can definitely be deceiving.

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