Thursday 22 August 2013

Beautiful Boy - Home (Demo)

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OK so this may not be the finished article just yet, but this quintet from the Brighton area have done a decent job here. The standard of "demos" has been increasing in the last decade or more anyway, as the equipment used in professional studios is often easily available to anyone with a half decent computer. What makes the difference is the input of a producer and the mixing. Beautiful Boy, we assume, have produced and mixed 'Home' themselves, and it's difficult to find much fault in the way it's turned out.

With 'Home' they sound like a band who are aiming for the whole windswept indie-rock sound. This will be a turn-off to many who like their music a bit less commercial, but there's nothing wrong with ambition, and if they keep the right side of the line then they could make some great tunes. It's when bands go too far with the bombast and production that it turns sour. So while this may be a demo, it's actually probably best left as it is: an enjoyable and towering song. The last thing we need is another Keane.

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