Saturday 10 November 2012

Kappa Gamma - Just Another

Single review by KevW

The last few months have been an upward spiral for Nottingham's Kappa Gamma, and if you can please remove any images or association with the chav-favoured sportswear company of a similar name it would be much appreciated. Thanks. This quintet make music that's far too sophisticated and, well, good to be tarred with a similar brush. So far this year the band has picked up considerable radio support and even a spot play on daytime Radio 1 (whether or not that's a badge of honour you can judge for yourselves). Certainly the music they make, whilst falling largely under the vast indie/alternative umbrella, is also blessed with the kind of pop sensibilities that mean this potential crossover could well be on the cards.

Debut single 'Just Another' is available now (you can get it digitally or on translucent vinyl if you want to be a show off) and it's because of, rather than despite of, this knowing nod towards a poppy aesthetic that makes them such a universally appealing prospect. It's getting towards the whole 'tips for 2013' time and should Kappa Gamma appear in a few of these lists then don't be surprised. It may be traditional indie-guitar music at at heart, but their willingness to bolt on some decent melodies while maintaining their edge could stand them in good stead. If they're sitting on a few more tunes like this we could be hearing more about them before too long.

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