Friday, 16 August 2013

Sunboy - Anxious People

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Introduced to us with the rather presumptuously titled email "you might wanna blog this" it seems fairly clear that Sunboy are a confident bunch, cocky even. Thankfully this doesn't come across in their music, and truth be told, upon hearing 'Anxious People' we did indeed decide we'd quite like to blog it, for it is a good song. They don't give away a lot of details, but it looks as though Sunboy is a duo and that they formed very recently, so this could be one of, if not their first proper recording. If so then it's a good way to make your entrance.

'Anxious People' doesn't sound like a demo; it's a well made song and there's a good attention to detail here. One of the other plus points to the song is that it doesn't quite fit easy categorisation. The band have used the tags "psychedelic" and "indie" and both work, but you could add electro-pop, alt-pop, soul and maybe even chillwave to this song. As they have the usual media formats all set up (website, Facebook, SoundCloud...) then we can probably assume they're not going to be a one track wonder. So we'll wait and see what comes next.

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