Monday 5 August 2013

Montebourg - Réindustrialisation/Singapour Express

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Don't worry, the music's a little more inspiring than the artwork. If having the song title 'Réindustrialisation' didn't give it away, then allow us to inform you that Montebourg are heavily influenced by the continental sounds of the 1970s, and krautrock in particular. They list Neu! and Silver Apples as influences, which will further give you an idea of the music they make, and if we add Kraftwerk into the mix then we've got them pinned down exactly. Both tracks on this single are instrumental and neither of them sounds modern. Whatever techniques and instruments were used to make these two songs, they've done a perfect job of emulating the greats that they admire.

You could easily pull the wool over someone's eyes by claiming this to be the work of some obscure German band from the dawn of the electronic age. And what a wondrous sound they create. Krautrock is creeping into a hell of a lot of music at the moment, but here there's no creeping, it's just barged in and taken over the show. 'Réindustrialisation' is particularly impressive, with that driving beat acting like a heavy duty pendulum that keeps the robotic, primitive sounds in check. It might be a complete flashback, but it's done with imagination and definite expertise. The Paris group go for more of the same on 'Singapour Express' but here the pace is slowed and the mood is a little spooky, with fizzing and hissing electronic noises, as though you're in some futuristic power plant. It's sterling stuff.

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