Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Alexander von Mehren - Winter Comes

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It would perhaps make more sense if Alexander von Mehren was from the Southern Hemisphere, but he's not. He's from Norway. Now, Norway might be a little colder than some countries, but it's far from being winter-like there at the moment, so the choice of this track as the promo for his album 'AĆ©ropop' which is out on August 20th seems a little odd, but the song isn't particularly wintry in any way, so perhaps it'll work fine. As a producer, composer, arranger and musician, von Mehren has managed a lot of the album himself, with a few guest spots along the way.

Inspired by '60s and '70s pop, perhaps Abbey Road was the perfect recording location for him, as there is a hint of The Beatles about this song, and the arrangements are as rich as their later works, with all kind of instruments vying for space and managing to work perfectly in unison rather than sounding cluttered. It's ironic that this is such a summery song to listen to, but perhaps that was the plan all along. Whatever the plan was, it seems to have worked, because you can put us down as being excited about the coming album

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