Wednesday 1 May 2013

Seasfire - Oh..Lucifer

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This is the third time we've featured Bristol band Seasfire on the site, it is, after all, their third single. Both previous reviews (you can follow links to them here) left us... not so much scratching our heads, more a little unsure of exactly what they were all about. Debut 'We Will Wake' was good, but was it "alternative" music or mainstream pop trying to be trendy? Second effort 'Falling' was better but it couldn't seem to decide what direction it wanted to take, being the now common mix of genres that's either being favoured by artists, or by the labels that sign them.

New single 'Oh..Lucifer' answers some of these questions. It also brushes aside any doubts as to whether Seasfire were likely to turn out some great music of simply a few half decent tracks. It doesn't stamp itself with a genre, it fuses indie/alt-rock and so on with a little more experimentation, mainly in this instance, thanks to the splendid production. It's part electro-pop, part rock, but it's all good. The strength of the song is, naturally, the most important aspect, and there are no issues with that here. Seasfire have got us finally convinced, and looking forward to seeing what other tricks they have up their sleeves.

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Catch them live:

May 04 The Wardrobe Leeds, UK
May 07 White Heat featuring SEASFIRE, Curxes and New Union, London, UK
May 17 Coda night at COALITION - THE GREAT ESCAPE, Brighton, UK
Jun 01 Wychwood Festival Cheltenham, UK
Jun 14 Start The Bus supporting PHORIA Bristol, UK
Aug 03 Y-Not Festival, Derbyshire, UK

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