Friday 24 May 2013

Artist To Check Out - Melodies In Mono

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You probably don't need telling that this Swedish musician wasn't Christened Melodies In Mono, it is the work of one Max Rikard Ekholm and this year he's planning to release six singles. By the looks of things we're currently up to number three, but some of the tracks featured on his SoundCloud page are demos dating back to 2003, so he may have been creating music for much longer than we thought. It seems though, that Melodies In Mono has only really been a going concern for a couple of years and the music he makes could be described as a mixture of synth-pop, dreampop and indie; exactly the kind of sounds that the Swedes are masters of at the moment.

Having stated that he'll never make an entire album, this year's series of releases began in January with the strange and piercing alt-pop track 'A Thousand Miles'. A decent song, but one that feels just a little bit awkward; but maybe that was the idea. It's the second of the series that nails his vision perfectly. 'Make Things Right' is a curious mix of tempos where nothing seems to match. The pulsing electrics are manic, the beat is firm and high paced, but the rest sounds like more atmospheric dreampop. It's a weird one but it works. Most recent addition 'Wait For Me'  takes us back to '80s synth-pop by way of what sound like church organ. This is a slow track, yet it avoids ever becoming dull thanks to the layers of sound and ongoing variation. Melodies In Mono isn't a man short of ideas or the willingness to play about with them.

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