Sunday 19 May 2013

The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man/Problems

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Let's face it, the world as a whole has been plagued with natural and man-made disasters, economic and military problems; it's been a trying time of late. What we need is another summer of love. There have been claims made that certain years have been another "summer of love", but really everyone seems to recognise that the first one did the job best, so a repeat of that would do just nicely. Virginia's The Young Sinclairs probably won't argue too much with that assessment, in fact they've even gone so far as to offer up a suitable soundtrack in the shape of their fourth single, the double-barrelled flower-power attack of 'Engineer Man' and 'Problems'.

Don't be thinking quaint hippy nonsense though, these are prime jangle-pop cuts that stand up to some of the best that 1967 had to throw at us. The sound is part Byrds, part Beatles, part Nuggets compilation and a dose of early The Who for added powerpop force. It's not namby-pamby pop, it's powerpop, and 'Engineer Man' leads the way with delicious harmonies, crisp guitars and octopus-armed drumming; dislike it at your peril, this is timeless stuff. On the flip, 'Problems' delivers another flash of sunkissed psych-pop along similar lines, although toned-down just a touch. It's impossible not to think of The Byrds debut album which was instrumental (no pun intended) in setting the scene for the bands that would follow a couple of years on. The Young Sinclairs have nailed it here.

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