Monday 20 May 2013

Edelweiss - Withering Heights

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First point: this is not a cover of the Ryan Adams song of the same name. Second point: it's nothing to do with the similarly-named novel or Kate Bush song. At least as far as we can tell, perhaps they're being mega cryptic somewhere here. 'Withering Heights' is the first single from the forthcoming 'Honduras' EP by Pennsylvanian guitar experimenters Edelweiss (whose name is probably nothing to do with anything else called Edelweiss either). It's often interesting to see people mess around with styles and combine them and play about with the boundaries.

On the surface, you'd probably say that 'Withering Heights' is a math-rock song; that's the overriding sense you get on first listen. Nothing too fancy or intense, but it has that sound. However, if you strip away the neat guitar work and the hectic rhythm section you're left with a song that would easily fit categorisation as either dreampop or chillwave. In fact, it could be ripe for a remix from some of you bedroom music noodlers out there. So were treated to a nice contrast of two seemingly opposite ends of the indie/alternative spectrum. And that's pretty good going in our book.

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