Friday 24 May 2013

Richard Smith - The Water

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Last time we heard from North Eastern singer-songwriter Richard Smith it sounded like he wasn't having the best of times. Despite this, his 'Autumn Is Here And I Guess I'm Still In Love With You' EP contained some wonderful songwriting, even if it did mean him having to channel personal pain to get there. We ended by saying that we hoped life would deal him a better hand soon. Does indication of that better hand come in new single 'The Water'? Unfortunately for poor Richard this is hardy 'Agadoo' (but fortunately for us, naturally). No, 'The Water' still reeks of torment and a man who's not feeling on top of the world. His misfortune, if it's any consolation, is our gain.

This is another powerful and emotive track that talks of darkness, love of times gone by and being lost in the night, begging for someone to pull him out of it. This is done to a rumbling beat and a sheet of production sound that takes the song away from bare-bones acoustics and up to another level entirely. It's on a par with Tindersticks in emotional power but maybe surpasses them with overall sound. It's without question a masterful song. We're just hoping that the misery is just for show, and maybe we'll find that Richard is a happily married middle-aged man with his mortgage paid off, plenty of cash in the bank and a cosy life. Well, we can hope anyway...

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