Wednesday 22 May 2013

English Singles - Ordinary Girls

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The new single from Californian indie/pop/punk proponents English Singles is something of a departure for the band. Not in terms of sound; it's much the same as previous releases like the 'Backstreet Pages' EP. I don't know if someone slipped something into their coffee when they weren't looking, but they get hugely carried away here and drag 'Ordinary Girls' out to a mighty three minutes and nine seconds; approximately twice as long as the average duration of one of their songs. It's excellent of course. More DIY and punchy pop of the variety that used to come on limited edition 7" with homemade sleeves and possibly a fanzine. It's classic indiepop, and we'd expect no less.

The extra indulgence doesn't last long though, and by second track 'Bitter End' they've sliced about 40 seconds of the length and clatter through with more hook-laden melodies and back-to-basics... everything. It's all about the tune, as it should be. By the final offering of 'Rain' normal service has well and truly returned and we're in sub-two minute territory for the fizz-bomb finale that picks the pace up a couple of steps. With a band as consistent as English Singles it must be awkward picking lead-tracks or singles and any of the three on offer here could have taken charge. It's not a new trick, but it's still a splendid one: crash, bang, wallop and they're gone.

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