Wednesday 22 May 2013

Kids On A Crime Spree - Creep The Creeps

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A couple of years ago we couldn't move for girls with guitars recreating '60s pop by way of punk and fuzz-rock. Kids On A Crime Spree have a similar idea but they tackle it differently. Instead of coating the lot in JAMC fuzz, they take those girl-group melodies and combine them with the best that the less commercial of the beat groups of the day had to offer. There is a punkier feel and the vocals are hidden deep in the mix, but the general feel is that of a budget Phil Spector producing The Seeds or another band of that ilk. Guitars are allowed to twang and handclaps are essential.

'Creep The Creeps' does this best; it's almost like taking the Halloween fascination away from The Cramps and getting them to collaborate with Blondie instead. It hardly needs mentioning that this is a very good thing. Having done time in previous bands, these guys aren't short of a good melody or two, and they know how to use them. B-side 'New Ex-Boyfriend' has a surfy rumble and guitar line, and if you listen carefully you can even pick out the faint outline of some vocals hovering around like a ghost. If you were thinking that this kind of '60s update had run its course for now, then Kids On A Crime Spree have some new ideas to throw into the ring.

Kids On A Crime Spree - Creep The Creeps from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

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